Welcome to the PhysioWorks Database!

Given that most of our 2,200 U of A Physiology majors are pursuing careers in health care, research or industry, they seek opportunities to get involved outside the classroom to gain hands-on experience relevant to their future careers, expand their personal skill set, and explore applications of their increasing knowledge.

PhysioWorks is a three part program, consisting of the PSIO395A class, followed by an engaging experiences, and concluded with the PSIO395B course.

The PhysioWorks Program was designed to help Physiology Undergraduates connect with growth opportunities on and off campus. These range from volunteering at the local diaper bank and working as a pharmacy technician in Tucson, to shadowing medical professionals in Spain or working to build homes in Romania. Students have expressed feeling better prepared for Graduate and Professional School or to enter the workforce as a result of participation in PhysioWorks. Here's some of our students in action and some quotes direct from the students: 

Image displays students engaging in various on and off-campus activities as well as short quotes about their experiences.

The Physioworks Database supports the intermediate step in the PhysioWorks program of finding and participating in a meaningful experience on or off campus. The opportunities contained within have been discovered and often completed by previous and current University of Arizona Physiology Students. The database is continually growing through student contribution and is maintained through the hardwork of preceptors, the Physiology Alumni Relations Team (P.A.R.T.) and the Physiology Department Student Engagement Coordinator.

PhysioWorks programming is supported through the Physiology Department and the University of Arizona's Office of Student Engagement and 100% Engagement Initiative. When students complete 45 or more hours an Engagement Experience equivalent to the rigor of a 300-400 level course, they are eligible to apply for the "100% Engagement Complete" stamp on their transcript.