Welcome to the PhysioWorks Database!

This database is accessible to Physiology Students who are currently enrolled in PSIO 395A or PSIO 395B or who have been granted special access by the instructors of these courses. 

Practice interviews during PSIO 395A during the Fall of 2017

The PhysioWorks Program was designed to help Physiology Undergraduates connect with growth opportunities on and off campus. These range from volunteering at the local diaper bank and working as a pharmacy technician in Tucson, to shadowing medical professionals in Spain or working to build homes in Romania.

Student selfie in scrubs before shadowing a surgery

The Physioworks Database is supported through the Physiology Department and the University of Arizona's Office of Student Engagement and 100% Engagement Initiative. When students complete 45 or more hours an Engagement Experience equivalent to the rigor of a 300-400 level course, they are eligible to apply for the "100% Engagement Complete" stamp on their transcript.